Affordable Traffic Law Attorneys, Toledo, Ohio

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The experienced attorneys of France Law Group quote traffic and OVI legal representation fees on a case-by-case basis.  Each case begins with a FREE CONSULTATION.  During the free consultation, one of our experienced traffic attorneys will carefully assess your case and offer a fee quote, with no obligation on your part.  Many of our clients qualify for our $199 Express Ticket Promotion.  If your case involves an OVI/DUI, a contested (trial) traffic matter, or if your driving record is a bit more messy, then we will provide you with a fair and competitive price to represent you.  In many cases, we are able to appear on behalf of our clients for many of their scheduled court appearances.  Each client is assigned a specific France Law Group attorney who will serve as your personal guide throughout the legal process.  Contact us today. FREE CONSULTATION!

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*Mastercard/Visa Notice:  Although both Mastercard/Visa are gladly accepted, a 5% service charge will be added to your charge.