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When searching for an experienced speeding ticket attorney near Toledo, Ohio, the best place to start is by becoming more familiar with the nuances of Ohio traffic law.  Below are some of the more frequently asked questions presented to us from our past and current speeding ticket clients.


Will a speeding ticket add points to my Ohio Drivers License?

Generally, a typical speeding ticket carries a penalty of 2 points on your Ohio Driver’s License.  This number can vary both upwards and downwards, depending upon the exact speed which you ultimately plea to at the time of adjudication-disposition by the Court.  Examples of point variations include 4 points when the driver is cited for greater than 30 mph over the speed limit and 0 points when the driver is under a certain excessive speed, which depends on location and type of road  (i.e. 4 mph over the limit on most local, slower roads).


What is Ohio’s “point system”?

Point systems vary by state and driving offense.  For education purposes only, Ohio has a 12 point system.  A courtesy warning letter is typically issued by the Ohio BMV to the driver when he or she has accumulated 6 points on their license.  If the driver accumulates a total of 12 points within a prescribed time period, then his or her drivers license is suspended.  In Ohio, some examples of such points include 2 points for most minor moving violations, such as Speeding, Marked Lanes, and Traffic Control Devices.  An OVI (DUI) can carry 6 points on an Ohio Driver’s License.


Is there a class to reduce points on my Ohio Driver’s License?

Check with your local Ohio BMV for a list of approved “Defensive Driving Course” providers.  These classes typically charge a fee, however they may be able to offer a 2 point reduction on your Ohio Driver’s License.  Possible benefits of this 2 point reduction may be more favorable treatment from your car insurance provider as wells as serving as a protective buffer from the 12 point license suspension limit.  Your car insurance carrier is the best source of information as to any specific benefits which may be available to you.


Is there an advantage to hiring a traffic attorney?

YES!  Attorney Scott France frequently appears in most regional municipal courts handling traffic citations on behalf of our speeding ticket clients.  While no attorney can guarantee an outcome, in many cases we are able to resolve your traffic citation for less points on your license, as opposed to the driver simply paying the ticket.  Spending a nominal amount on attorney fees may save you much more on future insurance rates.  In many cases, our traffic attorneys are able to take care of the entire matter remotely, by arranging for a waiver of the traffic client’s appearance and attending the court date on behalf of the client.  Not all speeding ticket cases can be handled remotely and factors such as past driving history, individual court, and severity of traffic offense(s) may affect a court’s decision about waiving an appearance. Our out of town speeding ticket clients who are eligible for an appearance waiver and remote attorney representation enjoy the convenience of having an attorney representing them at the court while being able to remain at work or home.  


Construction Zones?

For everyone’s safety, it is important that drivers take  extra care when passing through an Ohio construction zone. Penalties are typically enhanced when a driver commits an infraction within these zones.  Your traffic citation should contain a construction zone box indicating whether or not you were within a construction zone at the time of offense.


But I didn’t mean to speed?

Under Ohio law, “speeding” is considered a “per se” offense, meaning that a mental state  (i.e. intent to drive in excess of the posted speed limit) is not required.  Thus, it is considered speeding no matter how far over the speed limit you were driving. Also, claiming lack of knowledge concerning the speed limit is irrelevant.


What is an example of a traffic scenario which could quickly lead to a license suspension in Ohio?

When a licensed Ohio driver accumulates 12 points within a prescribed time period on his or her Ohio Driver’s License. said license is suspended.  When a licensed Ohio driver accumulates six (6) points, the Ohio BMV typically issues a warning letter to the Ohio driver.  Certain traffic offenses carry an automatic six (6) points, not to mention any accompanying traffic offense which likely occurred during the same traffic stop.  For example, an Ohio police officer may pull you over for both Speeding (2 points), and Marked Lanes (2 points).  During the traffic stop, the driver is determined to be intoxicated, resulting in an OVI (6 points).  In this particular scenario, the Ohio driver needs an experienced Ohio traffic law attorney as he or she is looking at the possibility of 10 points on his or her Ohio Driver’s License, as well as facing serious penalties associated with an OVI.  Be mindful that many drivers may already have some pre-existing points on their Ohio Driver’s License.  An experienced Ohio traffic attorney will work hard to help minimize the damage to your Ohio Driver’s License.   With the help of an experienced Ohio traffic attorney, it is possible to resolve the situation with less points on your Ohio Driver’s License.  Results vary and factors such as past driving history, individual court, and severity of traffic citation(s) may affect case outcome. 


What are some examples of Ohio traffic offenses which carry 6 points?

Several traffic offenses in Ohio carry 6  points on your Ohio Driver’s License.  Some examples include the following: OVI/DUI, Flee/Elude Officer; Drag Racing, and Hit/Skip/Leave Scene of Accident.  When an Ohio driver accumulates six (6) points on his or her driver’s license, the Ohio BMV typically sends a warning letter to the driver’s last known address.


Reporting Violations Among States?

Approximately 45 states participate in the Drivers License Compact (DLC).  Per the DLC, these states agree to exchange information concerning license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents and forward them to the driver’s home state. Generally speaking, the “home state” may treat the offense as if it had been committed therein, applying home state laws to the out-of-state traffic offense.  DLC was not intended to include minor non-moving violations such as parking tickets.  Ohio is a participating member of the Drivers License Compact (DLC).



NOTICE:  Choosing an experienced speeding ticket attorney in Ohio is an important decision.  No attorney can guarantee the outcome of any case. Many factors may affect an individual traffic case including, but not limited to past driving history, individual court, and severity of traffic offense(s).  All content contained within the pages of this website are for educational purposes only and are not intended to be legal advice.  For specific legal advice regarding your unique traffic situation, you should consult a licensed and experienced Ohio traffic attorney.

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