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We are experienced traffic attorneys in Toledo, Ohio ready to help you resolve Driving Under Suspension citations and/or No Operators License citations.  Generally, a Driving Under Suspension traffic citation carries 6 points on your Ohio Driver’s License.  Under Ohio traffic law, when an Ohio driver accumulates 12 points within a prescribed time period, then his or her license is suspended.  A suspended license can lead to much larger future problems including employment difficulties and expensive Ohio BMV reinstatement fees. 

Before paying that traffic citation, call our experienced traffic attorneys for a free initial consultation.  Suspension and NOL citations are typically more complicated than they appear.  Many Driving Under Suspension and NOL citations have accompanying traffic charges that carry additional points on your Ohio Driver’s License.  Proceeding through the legal process without an experienced traffic attorney can result in unintended consequences on both your driver’s license and your livelihood.

If your Ohio Driver’s License is either suspended or otherwise invalid, please do not operate a vehicle.  If you have been caught driving with an invalid license, then we are here to help. Attorney Scott France routinely appears in most regional municipal courts and is available to assist you during this complex legal situation. 

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Ohio Reinstatement Fees By Suspension Type

SEE BELOW: News on Ohio’s amnesty for suspended licenses.

Source:  Ohio BMV website; January 2019

  • 12 Point Suspension ($40.00)
  • Administrative Revocation ($40.00)
  • ALS/OVI or Physical Control ($475.00)
  • Child Support ($25.00)
  • License Forfeiture ($25.00)
  • Disqualification ($40.00)
  • Implied Consent ($40.00)
  • Court Suspension ($40.00)
  • NDR Suspension ($40.00)
  • Moped Suspension ($40.00)
  • Court Suspension – Major Offense w/o FRA ($40.00)
  • Court Suspension – Minor Offense ($40.00)
  • Immobilization . ($100.00)
  • Juvenile Suspension ($40.00)
  • License Cancel – Fraudulent Issuance ($40.00)
  • Liquor Law Violation ($40.00)
  • Non-Compliance – First Offense ($150.00)
  • Non-Compliance – Second Offense within 5 years ($350.00)
  • Non-Compliance- Third Offense within 5 years ($650.00)
  • Non-Resident Violator Compact Suspension ($30.00)
  • Ohio Drug Offense ($40)
  • Out of State Drug Offense ($40.00)
  • Permanent Revocation ($40.00)
  • Probationary Revocation ($40.00)
  • Probationary Suspension – OVUAC ($40.00)
  • Probationary Suspension – Three Violations ($40.00)
  • Probationary Suspension – Two Violations ($40.00)
  • Random Selection ($150.00)
  • Restriction Violation ($40.00)
  • School Dropout ($40.00)
  • School Weapons Suspension ($40.00)
  • Underage Alcohol Consumption Suspension ($40.00)
  • Warrant Block  ($15.00)

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Reinstatement Fees

In specific situations an Ohio BMV Reinstatement Fee may be dischargeable by filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.  For specific details, consult an experienced Ohio bankruptcy attorney.  Attorney Scott France is an experienced practitioner of both traffic law and bankruptcy law.  Free initial consultation.  (419) 725-9300.


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